About Us

SM Divani is the continuous research of current fashions and trends. Fashion concepts are transformed in harmonic, comfortable and stylish forms.
Creating a SM Divani product, it uses the most ancient craft traditions of production. The attention to details, accuracy of finishing and the use of exclusive and valuable materials makes each product unique and personal.
SM Divani is the reference point for those who want to decorate, living spaces in an adequate and comfortable way.

Interior design service

SM Divani designed for the customer …
The company, upon request, personalizes and creates products in relation to the needs of each customer’s home and business use.
The technical staff of SM Divani is in fact available to the clients is set for our products to design and implement ad hoc.
Our team also designs and interiors of private residences in public buildings (hotels, bars, pubs and yacht). – See more at: http://www.smdivani.it/eng/interior-design.asp?pag=azienda#sthash.3MRDsbi5.dpuf

Sm divani

via Parigi, 3 Bisceglie cap. 76011 (BT)

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