About Us

When our eyes seek out beauty, desire balance, want harmony. When lifestyles and design become one. When originality comes together with the energy of innovation. When the home becomes a place of genuine beauty that our eyes behold with pleasure. When a comforta-ble, happy home is our greatest desire. When Italian-made style gives new meaning to the things around us. When your identity is shaped each day in the pursuit of distinctive traits. Then: Segnobianco. Because Segnobianco was born in a land of tradition and innovation.
Because it feeds on ideas and infl uences that only a place like Tuscany can provide. Because it can give the whole world the chance to think and act from the heart of creativity. Because it can keep on suggesting new versions of today while keeping an eye on tomorrow

it work

Elegant style and practicality come into harmony to make an idea, your idea, into a reality.Know-how, design skill and cutting-edge production processes are resources for creating your designs. No one knows better
than you which pieces, details and materials give best expression to your lifestyle.ON is an approach that gives shape toideas and substance to your designs. Furnishing accessories and textiles turn places into expressions of you. A line. A movement. An action. An idea.An experience. A way. A start. A way of being,living, thinking.
A starting point for a collection that knows no bounds, beyond those of your wishes.Tuscan creativity.
This is our world. This is how we see design.
This is Segnobianco.


Via I Maggio,13

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