About Us

Menconi Parquet counts on the thirty years experience of the owner Mr. Stefano Menconi.
The Company management and organisation is imprinted on the quality, crafted production and high professionalism , that are the main features of all the executed works.
The raw materials are selected with the utmost care from all over the world and Menconi skilled workmen directly check all the next production procedure till the finished product.
Thanks to the internal carpentry and varnishing department Menconi parquet is able to satisfy all the client requests with the possibility of crafted finishing personalisation and the execution of stairs, shelves and all other finishing elements that allow to reach a complete synergy and harmony with the selected parquet .
All the coming requests are treated with the utmost flexibility that comes from the awareness to be able to grant a 360° service.
The passion for their work , the high quality of the raw material, the skilfulness in the crafted production and the total opening to the client requests make the parquet by Menconi a masterpiece in the clients’ house.

I personalizazati

Menconi Wood Floors offers a big range of products and accessories: follows the client during all the realization’s phases of the parquet, from the initial offer to the parquet laying.
The lines of products are seven:
Line “I Personalizzati”: is composed of a big range of Oak parquet, both for formats and finishing. The choice goes from the boards of big dimensions (Maxi Tavola, Maxi Plancia and Plancia) to the smaller ones (Plancia 14 and Plancia 10). It’s a line highly customizable both for the crafted surface working (sanded, brushed or hand scraped) and finishing and allows the client to have his own colour (on sample) and finishing. This line comprises also the Teak and Larch Maxi Tavola, the Old Teak and the Borghi di Toscana.

Line “L’Innovazione”: is composed of pre-finished wooden floors available in different wooden essences and formats.

Line “La Tradizione”: is composed of parquet completely in wooden hardwood available in different wooden essences, thickness and formats, from the classical lamparquet to the bigger strips with male/female joint. The floors are made of raw wood to be layed and finished afterwards, as the tradition rules.

Line “Menconi Art”: proposes a big range of wooden inlayed artistic borders, medallions and decorative motifs.

Line “The Stairs”: is composed by a full range of elements to coat every kind of stair, with the possibility to combine it with the selected parquet essence and finishing.

Line “Menconi Outdoor”: a big range of parquet for exeternal areas like swimmin pool.

All our products are marked CE and all the working and finishing on the boards surface are completely crafted in the internal production department of our plant, in Lucca.


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