About Us

International Marmi is a young company but with a thirty-year experience which has received an important knowledge of tradition and culture of marble manufacturing and it is proud to take over from the craftsmen of the Italian Renaissance, from the sculptors and from the great architects of our time.
We consider this heritage as a privilege and an opportunity, incentives to face the comparison on the international trade.
Moreover, International Marmi realises objects with marble, a precious and rare material which has to be kneaded with expertise and competence, but above all with the passion of our artisans who treat our products as “unique pieces”.
We offer a high-quality product to our customers, reminding that every object we produce is a present,a gift that our planet gives us.


For the purpose of satisfying the requirements of the latest trends, the CONTEMPORARY selection is composed of several models. The most demanding customers would appreciate the simplicity, the elegance and the refinement of this collection.


Via Terzo viale, 30 loc. la Fila
56037 Peccioli (PI) Italy

T +39 0587 607455
F +39 0587 608401
E info@internationalmarmi.com

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