About Us

Inkiostro Bianco is the color suitable for a new beginning, a threshold of transition to something new.
Inkiostro bianco, a brand, an ambitious project, a laboratory of ideas applied to the planning and the production of decorative graphics that has as its objective the re-interpretation of the concept of wallpaper.
A journey, a continuous experimentation that comes close to art as a universal synthesis between past and present, capable of embracing the world of design is constantly evolving.
Inkiostro bianco is recognized as a unique example of collaboration between the world of painting and digital graphics, a combination that highlights the dynamic spirit of the brand, full of changes and continuous work in progress, versatile and original graphics solutions that can adapt to any situation, arousing emotions that follow the time.

EQ-Dekor: When Wallpaper Means Protection

From a partnership between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei comes a revolutionary covering: EQ Dekor, the dual-function wallpaper for both protection and decoration with dual-application for walls or floors.

EQ Decor is much more than a simple wallpaper. Paired with the creativity of Inkiostro Bianco’s designers and artists – who turn each wall covering into a little work of art – are structural characteristics that minimize the risk of parts of the walls detaching during earthquakes, consequently lengthening the evacuation time of buildings.

Inkiostro bianco

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