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For two generations, the company, Spaziodesign Ltd, has been firmly inclined towards the zeal for wood along with its most valuable essences, in both the interior and outdoor design fields, thanks to its founder, Nicolangelo Gaudio, a well-known cabinet-maker from Molfetta (Bari), and to his two sons, Gianbattista Gaudio (general and sole director) and Onofrio Gaudio (in charge of the administration), who have all been strongly enlivened by their passion for wood and, consequently, have and keep searching for ideal solutions for today’s society’s all-changing demands.

Nicolangelo Gaudio grew up in his uncle’s carpentry and, progressively, began loving this profession until deciding to dedicate his whole life to it. At 15, he started working for a cabinet-maker, learning all of the tricks of the trade, and, at the age of 30, he knew it was time to open up something of his own, along with two partners. In 1975, he felt it was time to break free from the partnership, marking, from that time on, the beginning of his success. As a matter of fact, 1995 designates a prominent time of his life, for it marks his professional peak, when Nicolangelo Gaudio, with the valuable help of his 23 year old son, Gianbattista, decides to expand his workshop to a larger and more advanced one, enriching it with new installations, administration offices, and skilled technicians, bestowing it its decisive brand name: GAUDIO.

Gianbattista Gaudio, inclined towards construction toys from a very early age and growing up in his father’s workshop, knew exactly how to meet his passion, dedicating his time to cabinetry working, learning all he could from his father. Having studied economics at the faculty of “Economia e Commercio” (economics and commerce) in Bari, he was able to rapidly take over his father’s firm along with his brother, Onofrio, in charge of administration and accounting. In 2005 Spaziodesign Ltd was inaugurated, and, from then on, has increased its potentialities day after day, reaching esteemed respect and peak on regional, national and international levels. To this day, it takes part in numerous national and international fairs (“Worldwide Moscow”, “Index Dubai”, “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”).

Spaziodesign Ltd deals with the planning and realization of integrated solutions of architecture, as well as design and engineering. Innovation, research, development, quality and finish of materials, ethics and environment are the key points Spaziodesign Ltd truly believes in, keeping itself busy in the fulfilment of these objectives. Spaziodesign Ltd is, indeed, an authenticated company, having implemented the ISO 9001 integrated administration quality system and the ISO 14001 environment one.

What underlines the dynamism and complementarity of its competences, are the macro areas endowed with specific and complementary skills, generated from within: GAUDIO LIVING & CO., GAUDIO STRUTTURE, GAUDIO DESIGN PROJECT.

Gaudio design Project

This area deals with the production and commercialization of supplies in the interior and outdoor design fields (kitchen and living room area, in particular). All that is designed in the GAUDIO DESIGN PROJECT area, is carried out by skilled technicians, working on high-tech numerical controlled modern installations, in synergic combination with workmanship carried out by professional cabinet-makers. Wood, along with glass, stainless steel, aluminium, etc., is the main material adopted, in order to give life to design pieces, generated in an extremely detailed and accurate manner, using exceptional quality, accepting no compromises, thanks to its driven identity, responding to principles of both beauty and functionality. Unique, high-standard solutions and products, aimed at meeting the demands of a refined clientele, invariably after quality and design. Design solutions designed to last for good, not enslaved to fading fashion trends and carried out while keeping in mind the needs and desires of individuals who choose them, who decide to choose Gaudio, with the intention of improving their quality of life.

Gaudio Cucine Spa

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