About us

Early in the ’60’s, Railway Station of Torrenieri-Montalcino, at that time, with strong will and determination, a dream has become animated. Nowadays, early in the new century, the dream goes on with reliability and competence.

The construction of the furnitures and the structures Gaia is totally made in the head office. More than fourty years of activity guarantee quality and efficiency. Qualified and motivated skilled workers express the best of the forged iron “made in Italy”. As in nature, where every particular is never casual, everything is the result of an evolution course to reach the balance of the shapes and the expressivity of the object.


The Impero Range offers a really complete choice of furniture. All products of this Range are manufactured by using square tubing in order to obtain both sturdiness and lightness. We manufacture three different models of chairs and a settee. The armchair Impero and the chair Impero are quite stately but well-proportioned, the two models together couple perfectly at the same table. Owing to aesthetic reasons the cushion of the armchair is thicker (8 cm) than that one of the chair (4 cm), but they are equally comfortable. The settee Impero follows the same proportions of the armchair. The chair Giuditta is smaller, lighter and of simplified design. The cushions are with removable cover (acrylic or linen/cotton fabrics) and accurately manufactured in our own factory. The table-bases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but we can manufacture some models even in customised sizes. Disassemblable versions of almost all models are available. The biggest sizes of the not disassemblable tables have legs duly reinforced by scrollworks, but, upon request, we can replace the standard scrollworks with plain small arches. The small models of table can be manufactured either with scrollworks or with arches. The disassemblable models are manufactured only with arches. All our standard table-bases are designed even for very heavy stone tops, therefore they are duly strengthened by reinforcing works and bars, but in case of bases intended for light tops (a glass top, for example) each design is duly suited. Hot-galvanizing is absolutely the best way to make the forged iron furniture suitable for all seasons and for a great many years outdoor use. Liquid paint finishing has an excellent adherence to the metal and allows any subsequent repainting of the item.


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