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Ca’Belli4u is a recent company formed in Urbino in the year 2000, by a group of young people from different culture and work backgrounds but who all share a common origin, namely their strong territorial identity, which in time has brought each one of them to absorb the main experiences of the Montefelto. Here, unlike what happens in many other places, historic and culture memories still play an influential, and fundamental, role in human growth and in forging the personality.
This special group thus have brought to life an idea that combines culture, occupation, and art, creating a new ”classic-contemporary stile”. Lamps become minimal sculptures, where the preciousness of the materials gently blends in with the constant research for daring technological solutions. Either from the pages of the catalogue or better still from the show room of Milan,Paris,Berlin, the Ca’Belli4u lamps are testimonials of originality and constant research, which even tough they evolve quite independently from fashion trends, are perfectly in line with the most updated contemporaneity.

it work with ca’belli4u

Ca’belli4u has always used natural materials from various regions of Italy, processed by craftsmen who have passed down the trade from generation to generation. Likewise for glass processing that has not changed over time. The blowpipe technique is still used today. The end result depends on the ability and artistic skill of the glassmith. The crucible containing the molten glass is extracted from the furnace and the glob of glass is collected.
The item is molded by blowing quickly into the pipe whilst turning it and using tweezers and jacks. All steps must be implemented manually, personalized and laboriously. All this makes the finalproduct unique. Our future is based on materials,
innovation and design. This formula sums up Ca’ Belli4u’s work. Our team always involves craftsmen, designers and experts in a sort of creativity workshop that is our essence and thecore of Made in Italy.

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